Swimming is generally done for recreational activities. It is fun and you get to enjoy it alone or with other people in parties or family/friends bonding. Aside from being a good recreational activity, it is also one of the famous sports all around the globe. It is a perfect way to stay healthy and fit in a fun and relaxing way.  

It is not a fancy sport. It just needs you and some water, and all it demands is a well-maintained pool which can be achieved with the help of professionals from a Pool Company

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Swimming provides many benefits in different aspects; physical, social and even emotional. Here are some of the benefits swimming provides. 

Physical benefits 

1. It builds muscle and bone mass. Runners use their legs, boxers use their arms, and swimmers use not just these two body parts but their entire body. When you swim, you are using all your body parts. Their legs kick, their arms pull and reach, their stomach tightens, their back rotates. All these are muscle exercises and potentially build muscle mass.  

2. Running is known for the effective building of bone mass. However, new research findings also link swimming to increased Bone Mineral Density (BMD) especially in the femur.  

3. It makes you flexible. Swimmers twist, stretch and reach. Consistent stretching makes them flexible. 

4. It burns down calories. Sweating is known for calorie burning. However, like jogging and other sports that require you to sweat, swimming is also a good way to burn calories. You do not need to hit the treadmill or run from one place to another; all you need is to swim your pool. For instance, a 30-min butterfly speed swimming can burn 150 more calories compared to 30-min running.  

5.Recommended to people with asthma 

Swimming links to healthy lungs is basic knowledge, thus it is a good exercise for people with asthma. Aside from this, the humid and cool environment of indoor pools is ideal for asthmatic people. They do not need to sweat. And because swimming entails holding your breath, it is an ideal exercise for their lungs. 

Mental benefits 

1. It helps you manage stress and boost your mood 

Exercise, in general, effectively helps you manage your stress leading to healthier mental health, and swimming is not an exemption. 

People are becoming busier in this fast-paced world today. A survey was done to 101 swimmers at a YMCA in Taiwan before and after a swimming session. 44 of which are mildly depressed caused by everyday stress. After the swimming session, the number of depressed individuals lowered to 8. 

2. It lowers the risk of depression 

This activity is meditative, relaxing and calming. This is brought by the focus you achieve in listening to your breathing and the water as you swim. When focused on these sounds, you are blocking other noises and distractions, providing meditative benefits.  

3. It makes you smarter 

Like other exercises, swimming is a good way to keep mentally fit. 

A research was done to children from Australia. It was found out that kids who took swimming lessons and attend regular swimming exercises are more advanced in language development, motor skills, and physical development leading to good confidence compare to non-swimmer kids.