Kitchen Tile Trends You Need to Try

When remodeling your kitchen, the idea of good design tiles will never be out of the topic. Stylish and long-lasting floor creates more aesthetics to your home specifically your kitchen. In fact, tiled floors, in general, have been at the forefront of what we call “Flooring Revolution.”  

Many house owners are hiring tile flooring near me contractor for tile installation and remodeling. They opt to tiles rather than other floor materials because they are generally known for its durability and its beauty that can equal the classic natural stone in the past. It has become a staple not just for kitchen floors, but also for bathrooms and other water-sensitive parts of your home.  

Here we have gathered some of the newest and hottest tile trends that you can try for your home and kitchen 

1.Tiles with trendy colors and patterns 

Simple patterns and coloration like what real marbles have are trendy nowadays. However, these patterns are not limited to what most people are applying to their kitchen. In fact, according to Edyta Czajkowska, an interior designer, you can have your pattern and color concepts for your tiles. Have the freedom to customize your tiles that would reflect your artist’s side.  

Marbles are classic. A kitchen with a marble counter and backsplash will stand-out to anyone who would look at it. There are many marble styled tiles ranging from traditional to ultra-modern that you can try for your home. 

2.Tiles with a mirror-like surface 

For a minimalist kitchen style, people are opting to install mirrored subway style backsplash. This type of tile has a glossy reflective surface that reflects and gives off dramatic lighting when hit by any light. This effect is more appreciated in the morning when the sunlight hits the tile.  

3.Honeycomb tiles 

Your tiles can have variations of colors and even shapes. Honeycomb has a beautiful geometrical shape and hexagon tiles are becoming trendy for today’s kitchen and house’ floors. 

4.Concrete-look tiles 

While others are still attracted to the classic stone-like tiles, concrete-like are also paving its way to the trend. Concrete looks are simple yet contemporary. They also provide an industrial feel to anyone.  

5.Metallic tiles 

Because of the rise of technology, metallic surfaces have also become trendy in the interior design world. And metallic tiles are not an exemption! These tiles are perfect not just on your floor but even to your walls. 

6.Fabric-looking tiles 

Unlike the ever-famous marble, silk fabric texture provides a rich, luxurious feel. They also look very soft which is very revolutionary to the old, reflective tiles in the past.  

For colors, warm-toned tiles are often preferred by many, like the warmer honey wood tone.  

7.Wooden-like tiles 

Ceramic tiles are typically sharp. Now, the trend in tiles has also moved to the soft and rough texture that the wood surface provides. Tile manufacturers are now able to perfectly imitate famous wood flooring textures with no flaws.  

You can choose from (1) a distressed wood-like tile, (2) wire-brushed wood-like tile, and (3) rustic, hand-scraped wood-like tile