How to Have a Fun-filled Princess Birthday Bash

If you are a first time mom, the first and all birthdays of your child will be the most important thing to you and you need all things done before the big day! There are a lot of things that is needed for you to prepare especially if you want to do it on your own to make it more personalized for your child.  

Most parties for little girls are princess themed. A princess party is always a dream party for every little girl in the world and being able to give to your offspring will be such a joy to all parents out there.  

Here is a guide on what you have to prepare before the big princess party: 

  1. Set a budget – you need to restrain yourself from breaking your bank and your pockets. You should make a budget that is suitable for your money and savings. Do not go over budget and stick to what you have set. By doing this, you will be assured that you will sacrifice other parts of your living just for one party. And if you really want a big princess party for your little girl, you should save money beforehand and this will give you more room to move in terms of the budget.  
  1. Book a venue ahead of time – you need to choose a venue that is suitable for the theme of the party and it is important to book it ahead of time to prevent not having a venue a week before the party. You should pick a venue that is accessible to everybody and is not difficult to locate. Remember to choose a venue that is under your budget. Booking ahead of time can also save you some money because venues can be cheaper if you book it months before the big day.  
  1. Decorations – one of your tasks is to design the venue through decorations of your choice. You should pre-plan this and stick to one vision so that the overall look of your princess party will be uniform and easy on the eyes. It is also important for you to ask the venue of your choice on what kinds of decorations will they allow and what kinds of decoration will they ban from the venue to avoid extra charges. You can save money because you can DIY some decorations especially if you plan ahead of time. But, if you choose a professional decorating service, this will also save you stress and time.  
  1. Food – a party can never be called a party when there is no food for your guests. Prepare a venue that can be enjoyed by little children and by adults. Make sure that your food is also in with your theme; you can do this by choosing cupcakes that are also designed with princesses on top of them or choose a cake that has the favorite princess of your child as a decoration or topper. 
  1. Guest list – limit the number of people you invite to the party to avoid the horror of not having enough food or the fear of the venue being too small for the crowd. Ask your venue about the capacity of their place so you know where to start. Keep the crowd small but close to your hearts.  

Follow this guide and you will surely have a fun night to remember for the rest of your princess life!