Leading Causes of Road Accidents

Every day, road accidents are happening around the globe. According to the World Health Organization, there are roughly 1.25 million deaths, while 20 to 50 million suffer from vehicle-related injuries every year. In California alone, there are over 10 motor vehicle-related deaths a day.  Statistics do not lie. What makes it regretful is these accidents are oftentimes preventable.  

Towing services are a great help for emergencies like the Tri-State Towing service. There are many potential threats on the road today and it is an edge to know what to do when times like this occurs.  

Sure, automakers have largely improved the safety of your vehicle, but accidents are inevitable. There are a lot of factors involved in motor vehicle accidents, but the following are the leading causes of car accidents that you need to be aware of: 

1.Driving after consuming alcohol/liquor 

Driving while drunk is a serious offense. In 2016, 28 percent of deaths in the United States are linked to individuals who were driving while being intoxicated with alcohol.  

Driving needs focus, concentration and needs an ability to respond quickly to situations. When intoxicated by alcohol, a person loses these abilities. Some individuals believe that consuming a small amount of alcohol does not impose a risk in their driving performance especially when they are not showing any signs of intoxication. However, even a small amount of alcohol may affect your driving ability, leading to the possibility of accidents. 

It is better to let someone drive or grab a cab when you’re aware you have drunk some liquor. On the road, you need to be cautious with your actions. 

2.Driving and being distracted by something 

Drivers nowadays, or people, in general, have many distractors. People might get distracted by the things they do while on the road. For instance, eating, reading, putting make-up on, and listening loudly to music are just a few of the potential distractors while driving.  

Technology also plays a pivotal role as a distractor. People cannot resist checking their phones for a text or a social media notification. Some are even getting used to texting calling, or net surfing while driving. Phones are considered to be the main culprit of distracted driving. Despite being warned, 85 % of drivers still use their phones while driving on the road.  

When driving, it is better to turn off your notifications or silence your phones. When you are using technology while driving, it slows down your reaction time by 38 %. You understand the significance of putting concentration on your wheels because it just takes seconds for accidents to happen. 

3. Not following driving and traffic laws 

This includes ignoring the speed limits, quickly changing lanes, not following road signs, not stopping at red lights, and tailgating. While natural and road-related defects might be some of the reasons for accidents, not following the rules and laws are still cause most deaths on the road.  

The above-mentioned causes are just a few reasons why accidents always keep happening wherever we go. Other leading causes include unsuitable weather conditions, crossing animals, tire blowouts, potholes, night driving, vehicle-related design defects, and other types of reckless driving behaviors.